Challenge Coins

Portrait of Peter Allen

So very excited to – literally — have in hand the new Mind Proxy Challenge Coins: a small part of a much larger plan to recognize each officer, lead investigator, agent, or official with whom I work on a successful recovery case in 2023 and beyond.

My primary aim is to significantly limit the time and/or resources required to provide a small measure of closure to those experiencing heartbreaking loss or searching for justice. However, my aid is nothing without the investigators and their teams who put my information to its most productive and practical uses through the often dangerous, tireless, and endless hours of fieldwork needed to “make the case.”

The coin’s text and symbology are simple yet profound:

The biblical representation of the six-winged Seraph swaddling the lamb remains my constant reminder that the Divine’s knowledge, care, and protection are ever-present.

The verse from Luke (15:4) on the back is an acknowledgment of the constant sacrifices these officers (and their families) make in the dogged and selfless search for those who often no longer have a voice of their own.

The Latin phrase “Guade Quod Amissum Inveni,” is the singular goal of this work, to be able to make the pronouncement: “I have found that which was lost.

See @mindproxy for more pictures and Law Enforcement for more information.

The coin was my general concept, with the design magic, and final artwork by the uber-talented folks at #redchalkstudios with fabrication by Signature Coins #chooseSignature

General Assessment

Lots of guidance and insight on myself and the root to problems that seemed to never resolve. Truly the best!!

– Maranda S.

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