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Clients who have worked with Peter before may find these additional resources valuable, useful, or interesting. Whether it is helping achieve your goals, or simply personal enlightenment, we hope the resources below help guide you on your path.


Some of the many certifications that Peter has accumulated in his journey to more effectively channel his gifts.

Divine Assistance

Tried and true examples of requests for assistance from divine sources.


Diverse resources ranging from videos, websites, organizations, and books that can have a positive impact.

Mind Proxy Trust

Information about Mind Proxy’s future project to build a psychical institute and research academy.

releasing fears and attachments

I continue to work with Pete when needed. It's always such a great eye-opening experience and it helps me to continue on my path with more confidence and clarity. Thank you, Pete, for serving the world with your gifts.

– Delphine

honest, fair, easy to get along with, spot-on medium

Pete gave me extremely accurate information and was spot on with everything he “saw” for me. He even picked up on my surroundings, describing them perfectly. He also went out of his way to contact me on another occasion, just to tell me something more that had been brought to his attention. He’s the real deal. You won’t be disappointed.

– Tier K.

extremely insightful

Pete is extremely insightful. Although I am an energy worker myself, he identified several items which I had no idea I had, and which were preventing me from moving forward with my life. I felt very safe, and I will not hesitate to ask Pete's help again.

- Barbara M.

constructive and positive

Pete is an incredibly gentle soul who definitely has a gift. Both of my sessions were constructive and positive and left me feeling lighter, brighter, more grounded, and deeply grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful human. People I know who have worked with Pete reported the same great experience.

- Nicole B. (France)

guidance and insight

Lots of guidance and insight on myself and the root to problems that seemed to never resolve.  With guidance and follow up appointments I have found ways to live my everyday life with less flare ups and more inner peace.  Truly the best!!

- Maranda S.

wonderful work

I would like to thank Pete regarding all the wonderful work you did on me. It helped me a lot. Not quite easy to explain but I understood a lot more things and you gave me things to do this help me on daily bases. I wish you to help a lot of people as you did for me. Thanks for your kindness.

– Laurence V. (France)

I was so amazed and grateful to experience the depth of Pete’s connection to my energy field and his wisdom to guide me. In this time of uncertainty and mistrust, it’s a wonderful gift to find and know a source to trust and be able to connect to.

– Noushin M.

grounded and generous

Pete is kind, grounded and generous with his help and advice. I felt at ease right away and his channeling and healing felt so in tune and spot on. I am still applying and digesting the changes through various details and habits in my life. I'm immensely grateful!

- Fleur (Athens, Greece)

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