Mind Proxy’s

cancellation and rescheduling policies

Everyone’s time is valuable. I do, however, understand the vicissitudes of life (and international scheduling and time zones) and how they can adversely affect even the best-made plans. Essentially, you respect my time and efforts to prepare for your appointments, and I will, in turn, respect yours.

Appointment Reminders (with a unique Zoom link) are sent directly from the scheduling engine as follows:

  • Twenty-Four Hours in Advance: Email and SMS Text (US Clients)
  • One Hour in Advance: Email

More than 12 hours before the Appointment

The Acuity Scheduling engine allows for quick management of all appointment types. Just follow the links included on the original appointment notification (or any of the follow-up emails) to reschedule or cancel any appointment. (My schedule is usually quite full, so please note that reschedules can often be several months later.)

Less than 12 hours before the Appointment

If you find yourself unable to make an appointment and you are less than 12 hours before the scheduled time, please email (mindproxyllc@gmail.com) or SMS text (757-744-9544) as soon as possible. In most cases, we will be able to work something out, however, see the Waiting Period policy below.

Ten-Minute Waiting Period

With scheduled appointments, I will wait a total of ten minutes in the Zoom meeting for you to arrive. If you arrive during the Waiting Period, the appointment will continue with whatever time remains.

Arriving after the ten-minute waiting period has elapsed, you will be considered a No Show: the meeting will be shut down and you will forfeit any fees. 

And please understand that notifications that you are going to be late, are “on your way,” or in traffic, etc. do not alter this policy. Appointments begin and end promptly on time. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated. 


For full appointment cancellations, without a reschedule, please allow forty-eight hours for a full refund, minus ten dollars for fees. Funds will be returned to the payment processing engine originally used.

No Shows, without any communication, will forfeit their full session fee and will be prevented from making future appointments.

Thank you for your understanding and mutual respect.