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While there is a hefty roster of individual clients, Peter’s primary focus is best classified as business to business: Insurance Companies, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, Human Resource Departments, Law Firms, and many others. The services listed below reflect that and show many of the unique tasks he has successfully undertaken with very positive and consistent outcomes for clients both domestically and internationally.

personnel assessment

Reading people, from stakeholders and business partners to employees, from analyzing prospective jury members to suspects.

  • Intuitive Employee (Pre-Hire and Promotion) Assessments
  • Jury Analysis and Optimization
  • Team Cohesion Analysis and Optimization
  • Key Stakeholder and Partnership Compatibility Assessments
  • Catfish Identification
  • True Motive Evaluations

future probability

Interpreting and analyzing future probability for business deals, product success, and other future events.

  • Product Success Feasibility
  • Associative Remote Viewing (Future Probability)

location & recovery

This includes finding and recovering items or people, such as stolen items or missing persons, as well as industrial espionage evaluations.

  • Missing Persons or Animals
    (Law Enforcement see below)
  • Recovery of Documents, Artwork, Stolen Items
  • Trade Secret or Corporate Espionage Evaluations
  • Provenance authenticity evaluations

other services

There are several other services that Mind Proxy offers that have been of value to clients.

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Peter welcomes diverse service requests as they present opportunities to explore and expand his work.

Please feel free to contact him to discuss anything listed or to explore the possibility of other ways to help you solve a problem or make more informed decisions.


Thanks for taking the time and energy to provide me with such encouragement, clarity, and hope. This was an enormous decision to be made and many person’s livelihoods were in the balance. Thanks for your giving us the knowledge to “right the ship.”

– Han Y.


Detailed, prompt, balls on correct! We literally walked to the exact spot you indicated.

– George X.


Great job! And unbelievably accurate. Every project came in as you predicted!

– Sarah G.


My work as an [Redacted] at [Redacted] has a lot of pressure. Accurate predictions ultimately drive our rates. I have never seen anyone be able to tease out trends like you. AMAZING!

– Dina F.


Your respectful work has given my family the closure we never thought we would get. Your help was heaven sent.

– Doris J.


I am not sure what to write. You were spot on for every detail that led to [Redacted]’s arrest. With such strained resources, I doubt we would have ever figured out he had [Redacted].

– Sheriff Scott R.


I truly appreciate the insight and thoughtfulness you displayed to my family. I am honestly not sure what we would have done without your help in finding our animals. Words will never be enough!!

- Taryn W.

General Assessment

Lots of guidance and insight on myself and the root to problems that seemed to never resolve. Truly the best!!

- Miranda S.


As difficult and frankly sad the news was, I have to say you were correct in every detail. I am not sure closure can ever truly be achieved, but this certainly takes some weight from the pile. God Bless.

– Sean A.


I have worked with Pete several times and he is the real deal! He has been spot-on in terms of advice for both health and business. Pete has been the best and most trusted consultant I have ever had for anything that required outside counsel.

– Marion R.


Stunned. [Redacted] was finally located. Thank you.

– Sandra L.

unique needs

special services

Missing Persons

Law Enforcement

Engagement with Law Enforcement or other investigatory agencies is typically accepted at-cost or often pro bono. It varies depending upon the anticipated time commitment, or the need for any travel. Please see the Retainers page for more information on long term commitments.

Several stipulations need to be met before engagement:

  • Requests must originate from the Precinct Captain or Lead Investigator and contact must be initiated by phone (757-744-9544). No voicemail or texts are accepted.
  • Given the often-unsettling nature of the information to be communicated, all findings are reported directly to Law Enforcement. Essentially: the work is to help Law Enforcement in the efforts, leads, and investigations they are already pursuing. Parents, custodians, or family members may request updates from their Lead Investigator or primary contacts.
  • Generally, requests for help are only for cases where the person in question is missing and a crime is suspected. However, exceptions are considered in the following cases: “wanderers” with dementia, or individuals with special needs or other mental or cognitive impairments.


Telepathic Communication Services

This has sometimes been referred to as “Mediumship for the Living.” These are unique (Higher Self to Higher Self) communication services for the family members, friends, or caretakers of those approaching the End of Life or others who are permanently or temporarily unable to communicate for themselves, including the comatose, persons on the Spectrum, Late-Stage Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients, and more. Be it misunderstood or troubling behaviors, final wishes, or proactively clearing any lingering questions or issues before transition, telepathic communication can very often reframe difficult relationships or familial issues with the goal to create space for greater compassion and understanding for the caretakers or family members that remain. Please see my most recent interview on this subject.

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