how it works

important details

We currently are not able to offer individual appointments. Except for time-critical Law Enforcement, Legal Firm, or other agency requests, our annual contractual work has us booked into the indeterminate future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please see here if you wish to have more information about our Retainer program. Please use the Contact link if you have any questions.

First, thank you for your support and trust in my services. You’ll be able to find all the information you need about consultation types, details about sessions, and important payment information below.

New Clients: Initial, complimentary consultations for first-time clients are held on the third Tuesday of every month.

Existing Clients: Appointments for existing clients are on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.

For existing clients with urgent situations, please email . If you wish notice of cancellations, sign up for the Mind Proxy Newsletter email list on the Contact page.

first meeting

15-Minute Consultation
If we have never spoken before, please schedule a free 15-minute consultation so we can determine if we’re a good energetic match, and to quickly discuss the possibility of and/or goals for a future appointment.

standard consultations

60-Minute Consultation
The standard appointment time for first-time clients or those wishing to explore issues in more depth. Clients must have had an initial 15-minute consultation before scheduling.

15-Minute Telepathic Communication
Single issue, problem-solution-focused communication for the family members, caretakers, or friends of those who are unable to verbally communicate for themselves: Alzheimer’s, dementia, or stroke patients, the neurodivergent, etc. These sessions are 15-30 minutes in length. Clients must have had an initial 15-minute consultation before scheduling.

Follow-up consultations

30-Minute Consultation
A follow-up, check-in, or brief single-issue meeting. Clients need to have had an initial 60-minute meeting before scheduling.

Corporate or Project meetings

Retainer Consultations
Many clients need more robust services with services beyond individual sessions. Those clients should explore our Retainer program with its own benefits, scheduling rates, and details. Find out what comes along with retainer program.

Meeting details

How are sessions conducted?
All standard Individual Sessions are remote: via telephone, Zoom, or similar technology.

Can I record the session for future reference?
A client may record the session to their local computer or request a transcript of the session.


You will receive automatic email and mobile text reminders (US Only) approximately 24 hours and 1 hour before your session. Reminders include the Zoom link and a link to pay if you have not already done so. In cases of needed cancellation, rescheduling, or no-show, please see the policy page.


When can payments be made?
Payments can be made during the original scheduling, or for those who schedule long in advance, you may use the “Pay Later” option and then make payment directly to PayPal or Square, or Venmo after the appointment. Use to access the account.

What are my payment options?
When scheduling your session, you will be prompted with payment options including PayPal, Square, or Pay Later. All prices are listed in United States dollars. (Foreign currencies will be processed at current exchange rates.) For Retainer or international clients, or for amounts over $1000, please request wire transfer instructions.


What do the discount codes cover?
Discount or Referral Codes can only be applied against the 60 Min Consultations.

Will prices go up for existing clients with the August 15th 2022 increase?
Clients may qualify for legacy pricing and be given a discount code to continue their sessions at the legacy price.


Do you do in-person meetings and does that affect the price of a session?
In cases that necessitate travel from the office location (Virginia Beach, VA), all expenses will be itemized and charged at cost, including travel time, appropriate lodging, food, meeting space, equipment, and necessary business class flights and/or other transportation.

Current Sessions

15 Minutes $475
30 Minutes $775
60 Minutes $1270
15-30 Min. “Mediumship for the Living” $110
Law Enforcement: Pro bono or at cost. See explanation.

We are only taking limited appointments on a case-by-case basis. For individual appointments please use our contact forms and let us know what we need.


Thanks for taking the time and energy to provide me with such encouragement, clarity, and hope. This was an enormous decision to be made and many person’s livelihoods were in the balance. Thanks for your giving us the knowledge to “right the ship.”

– Han Y.


Detailed, prompt, balls on correct! We literally walked to the exact spot you indicated.

– George X.


Great job! And unbelievably accurate. Every project came in as you predicted!

– Sarah G.


My work as an [Redacted] at [Redacted] has a lot of pressure. Accurate predictions ultimately drive our rates. I have never seen anyone be able to tease out trends like you. AMAZING!

– Dina F.


Your respectful work has given my family the closure we never thought we would get. Your help was heaven sent.

– Doris J.


I am not sure what to write. You were spot on for every detail that led to [Redacted]’s arrest. With such strained resources, I doubt we would have ever figured out he had [Redacted].

– Sheriff Scott R.


I truly appreciate the insight and thoughtfulness you displayed to my family. I am honestly not sure what we would have done without your help in finding our animals. Words will never be enough!!

- Taryn W.

General Assessment

Lots of guidance and insight on myself and the root to problems that seemed to never resolve. Truly the best!!

- Miranda S.


As difficult and frankly sad the news was, I have to say you were correct in every detail. I am not sure closure can ever truly be achieved, but this certainly takes some weight from the pile. God Bless.

– Sean A.


I have worked with Pete several times and he is the real deal! He has been spot-on in terms of advice for both health and business. Pete has been the best and most trusted consultant I have ever had for anything that required outside counsel.

– Marion R.


Stunned. [Redacted] was finally located. Thank you.

– Sandra L.