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Rates for Annual Corporate or Retainer Projects

While most clients are best served with standard sessions, we do offer an Annual Retainer for Corporations, or Special Projects option, in order better to serve those clients with unique and long-term interests, or who have business concerns requiring regular or faster access to sessions, routine participant groups, or meeting audits.

Advantages to becoming a corporate or retainer client include:
Preferred scheduling and phone access, usually within 24 to 48 hours, via a private scheduling link.

  • Each session can run a maximum of 120 minutes with a minimum of 15 minutes
  • Multiple sessions are possible within one business day
  • Option to purchase an additional block of hours at the current project price

The eight available retainer contracts for the period 2023-2024 were finalized as of July 12th, 2023. The last two contracts, for an annual total of ten, will become available in August 2024. Please contact us if you wish to be considered for the retainer waiting list.

Corporate or Retainer

35 Hours annually at $22,000 (~$630/Hour)
Approximately 125 minutes/month

60 Hours annually at $32,500 (~$540/Hour)
Approximately 250 minutes/month

Corporate Retainer Clients receive preferred scheduling with availability based upon a standard US business calendar of Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm EST, excluding all US National Holidays and select other Blackouts. Holiday, Emergency, and off-schedule sessions, when possible, deduct time at two times the normal rate.

Each session can run a maximum of 120 minutes with a minimum of 15 minutes. The contract is attached to one person (of an organization) who must be present for the duration of each session. When a session includes more than 3 participants (including contract owner for any time over 15 minutes (e.g., boardroom, deposition, marketing, or other strategy or planning sessions) a surcharge of $250 will apply for each additional person for the duration of the session. Six simultaneous energies are the limit.

Multiple sessions are possible within one business day, with a minimum break of two hours in between. When the total number of retainer hours have been exhausted, the Client will have the option to purchase an additional block of hours at the current project price, lasting until the current contract’s expiration, or may simply pay standard hourly sessions rates, billed monthly, continuing until the next contract renewal. Please see the Service Contract for more details. Non-Disclosure and other Agreements may apply.

The Retainer Fee is to be paid in full before August 1st with each term beginning at 8 am EST on August 15th and ending at 8 pm EST on August 14th, the following year. Purchase Orders are required for invoicing, and terms are Net 30.



Thanks for taking the time and energy to provide me with such encouragement, clarity, and hope. This was an enormous decision to be made and many person’s livelihoods were in the balance. Thanks for your giving us the knowledge to “right the ship.”

– Han Y.


Detailed, prompt, balls on correct! We literally walked to the exact spot you indicated.

– George X.


Great job! And unbelievably accurate. Every project came in as you predicted!

– Sarah G.


My work as an [Redacted] at [Redacted] has a lot of pressure. Accurate predictions ultimately drive our rates. I have never seen anyone be able to tease out trends like you. AMAZING!

– Dina F.


Your respectful work has given my family the closure we never thought we would get. Your help was heaven sent.

– Doris J.


I am not sure what to write. You were spot on for every detail that led to [Redacted]’s arrest. With such strained resources, I doubt we would have ever figured out he had [Redacted].

– Sheriff Scott R.


I truly appreciate the insight and thoughtfulness you displayed to my family. I am honestly not sure what we would have done without your help in finding our animals. Words will never be enough!!

- Taryn W.

General Assessment

Lots of guidance and insight on myself and the root to problems that seemed to never resolve. Truly the best!!

- Miranda S.


As difficult and frankly sad the news was, I have to say you were correct in every detail. I am not sure closure can ever truly be achieved, but this certainly takes some weight from the pile. God Bless.

– Sean A.


I have worked with Pete several times and he is the real deal! He has been spot-on in terms of advice for both health and business. Pete has been the best and most trusted consultant I have ever had for anything that required outside counsel.

– Marion R.


Stunned. [Redacted] was finally located. Thank you.

– Sandra L.

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